Have you ever wished you didn’t have to take your eyes of the road to check your speed? With an augmented reality windshield you won’t have to.

“HUD systems technology will superimpose vehicle information such as speed, warning signals and indicator arrows on the windshield.

This will allow you to maintain your focus on the road, all while receiving information that would normally require a glance at an instrument panel on the dashboard.

“Augmented reality is — hands-down — the most exciting new advance in HUD innovation,” says Mark Boyadjis, an analyst at IHD. “The biggest opportunity for augmented reality systems is for safety, but imagine a HUD enabling a virtual arrow to be laid upon the road itself as you drive, helping you to navigate more naturally. Other options could be illumination of the road lines or pedestrians at night or in poor visibility conditions.”

As the technology advances, so does your automotive safety. With an augmented reality windshield, the holistic interaction between car and driver becomes fused. By allowing the driver to register more quickly and keeping eyes focused on the road the overall safety is dramatically increased.”

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